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9/30/2009 02:46:00 PM Ashley 1 Comments

...then I'd rather not participate. It's windy here and I mean windy. The wind is supposed to be a spring thing here, but it decided to stick around all year. This means as the leaves start changing and falling off that they are then swiftly being blown into my house (silly Emmett and his doggie door). Though, watching all of these leaves blow around reminded me of my new favorite smell from Bath and Body Works. Yes, it seems like leaves are an odd thing to make a person think about a smell. Though it's not as odd as when you know that the scent it called "Leaves".

Last year when B&BW's brought out their fall line, they introduced the Leaves scent. I was quickly drawn to it. I bought it for my Wallflowers first. I really enjoyed how they smelled so I went back to get the oils and a candle. Both the oil and candle burn nicely. My candle melted evenly and the wick never went funky, which made for a good flame.

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Yes that way too cute ceramic acorn is filled with this wonderful scent and at only $12.50 an acorn you can afford to get more than one! Just think of all of the fun uses for the acorn when the candle is gone. The site states that it smells of "autumnal notes of golden nectar, juicy mandarin and red delicious apple are paired with toasted cinnamon stick, mulled cider spices and freshly harvested red berries."
In simple terms it has a crisp smell, like that of picking apples in a orchard while all of the leaves are changing, while sipping on apple cider.

What's best is that I just found out that they brought it back and are planning on keeping it in their line because so many people love the scent! On top of that they expanded the scent to their body care line as well as their hand soap line!

If you're looking for a great fall scent that you can use even past the fall I would recommend looking into this one. I've already started adding to my already small stock pile of this scent so that I can keep it around the house for whenever I have an urge to smell like leaves.

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  1. Oh my gosh! Every time I go into that store I come out broke... it looks like I need to make another trip. :)