Life: So many things...

9/23/2009 12:42:00 PM Ashley 0 Comments

So I'm sick...yippie! Okay, not so much with the excitement. Being sick means I am sitting and surfing the inter-webz and I have far too many things I want to talk about. So much so, I am making a list. I thought I would share the list with you, giving you a little peak into what is floating around in this head of mine. Past that y'all are just going to have to be patient and keep checking back.

Blog topics:

  • A review on the new Bounce dryer bar
  • Posting pictures of my Ralph Lauren metallic striped wall
  • Some of our wedding photos (to celebrate our one year anniversary!)
  • A review on Bumble and Bumble's color care shampoo and conditioner (for reds)
  • OPI's Diamond Shine nail polish and the colors I love
  • My favorite chapstick
  • My shoes
  • Review of Wood Wick candles
  • My favorite fall smell in candle form
  • New favorite smell from Bath and Body Works
  • Fall recipes
  • Teas
These aren't really in any particular order, just what came to mind first. Who knows what I will blog about next!