Decor: Sunprints For Adults

9/25/2009 09:22:00 PM Ashley 0 Comments

I think at some point in our childhood we have all played with (or at least seen/heard of) Sunprints. It is this amazing paper that you set out in the sun, with objects on it, and a print of them is left behind. When I got my first kit, as a child, I spent the whole day outside and used all of the paper it came with. I adored these things.

It wasn't until recently that I rediscovered these at a Science Museum's gift shop. I was brought back to my childhood and I wanted them. A few months later Nate presented me with a package of them! Soon after I purchased Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts. Flipping through it I found the holy grail of sun printing...fabric! In her book she shows the fabric being used as seat cushions and I just LOVE it! Just think of all of the different things you could make with the printed fabric.

Photo from Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts

The look with the chairs is beautiful and the color just pops. I would love to do this in our dining room. I would have each chair be a different print. For the room itself, maybe do a half wall with the lower half being bead board and the top half in either a similar blue or a gray. Also a chair rail would work well. I think having a good gray in the room would just make the blue really stand out in the room.

Here's a few palettes that I think would be great color combos (depending on how blue the fabric is). My favorite would be three to four colors (the blue, white/off white, gray, black).

Palettes from

What do you think about the chairs? Would you ever do something like this in your home?