Decor: Drapes up and hanging

12/22/2009 01:04:00 PM Ashley 0 Comments

Nate was kind enough to offer to put up our new drapes and rod! I guess it's more like the rod and then the drapes, but work with me. It's wonderful to have nice coverage for the windows. Until tonight we had a temporary "fix" which consisted of drapes that were too short that we hung up with those 3M removable hooks (I refuse to post pictures of this, not that I have any).

Nate being awesome and installing the rod (don't mind the Ed Hardy shirt, once upon a time they use to be "cool")

The drapes up and ready to go! With an added bonus of Emmett's green ball!

The glass finial (needs some cleaning).

This is the teal wall we have that was painted by the owner of the house (we rent).

All I need to do now is steam them and buy a 4th panel (it made sense to us at the time).