Decor: Flatware upgrade

12/27/2009 08:30:00 AM Ashley 0 Comments

Flatware was never taken lightly in my house when I was growing up. When my mom decided it was time to update her's after 20 some years of use, it wasn't a joke. We spent countless hours in the kitchen/china departments of stores. Where we would balance the flatware on our fingers to find the center of gravity. Hold two different styles in each hand too feel weight and which just felt "right". Then, there was the test to see how it sat on the edge of the plate. That was probably the most important test to my mom.

Fast forward to now. I'm standing in TJ Maxx, having just found what I think is awesome flatware (even better then the style I just recently bought because we needed it). Only I can't hold it and mess with it and frankly it's killing me. Apparently my mom has passed on her quirky OCD. Don't you worry, as soon as I got home with the boxes of flatware, I opened one an ran it through the tests. They passed. After a few months of waiting to be cleaned and put into use (we forget to do things sometimes). They are freshly washed and now being used in our home!

Balance from Gourmet Settings

We also were able to pick up some serving pieces, though sadly they didn't make them in the Balance style.

Cabaret Serving Set from Gourmet Settings