Crafts: Snow covered pine wreath (how to)

12/13/2009 05:35:00 PM Ashley 0 Comments

As many of you have probably been able to tell, I've been on a wreath making kick. This time I decided to make one with fake pine that looks like it's been covered in snow (flocked). I stocked up on the pine branches at my local craft store (50% off) and used my trusty metal wire form!

Plus this wreath is also great because you can keep it up well after the holidays!

Here's my step by step for a quick and easy wreath.

The pine branch up close. There were three main sections (a main stem with two smaller stems coming off of the bottom). I broke them up and used the main ones as the starter and the smaller branches as the filler.

I bought 11 of these (it was a guess on how many I'd need to fill in). I used about 7-8 of them for this wreath (23 inches across).

The starts of the wreath and my tools. Wire is the key for this wreath. I wired the branch to the form in a few different places and moved onto the next branch. You want to layer the branches on top of each other to create a fuller look.

A close up of two of the places where the branches were wired down to the form.

The wreath covered (this took about 5 branches). Now it's time to go in and fill the holes till it looks full (really depends on how full you want it).

Ta-dah! All done! I might go back to fill some spots.

Close up of so you can see the flocking.

I just might add a great bow to it as well.

Just a word of warning, if you use the branches with the flocking the flocking can be a bit prickly. At least mine was. Also watch out for the pokes that the wire is bound to give you!

If you have any questions let me know!