Sofa fail

6/30/2010 06:18:00 PM Ashley 2 Comments

Just in case the dress wasn't enough fail for me...our sofa came yesterday. As I was doing my happy dance I noticed a mark on the sofa. My eagle eye went straight to work and soon I had found three different marks on one of the sectionals. Of course I snapped a picture of one of the spots. You can never be too careful. Can you spot the spot?

2010-06-29 14.03.16

The delivery men looked at the spots and quickly realized I was none to happy to see that part of our new couch had black marks on it (they looked like ink). Yeah...not gonna accept that. If they are going to be stained, I'm going to be the one to stain them.

So back went the sofa and now we have to wait a week till they can deliver a new one to us.

All I can ask is that the sofa be delivered to us without stains...and still in the packaging like we asked. And don't worry warehouse guy...I plan on checking out the sofa again before accepting it. We just want the boxes for the move.


  1. That's too bad about the sofa. Why didn't they just keep the packaging on?

  2. Good eye and good for you for inspecting it closely. Hopefully, they'll check out the next one before they deliver it!