And the sofa winner is...

6/25/2010 02:03:00 PM Ashley 10 Comments

Well, we did it! After much sitting and butt wiggling (WHAT how do you test sofas?), we decided on a sofa. We talked about it that night and did some research on the furniture companies. The sales person was even nice enough to let us take home a throw pillow, because it was covered in the same fabric as the sectional.

Nate was on the same page as many of you about the sofa needing arms. I swore that he never used them and I know I don't. Unless you count the fact that I use them as a collector of things. After coming home and sitting on our current sofa, he too realized that he hardly ever used the arms either. So that leveled the playing field a bit for the sofa.

The next thing we thought about was if we really wanted a sectional that could be made into lots of different layouts or just a few. Honestly we didn't care.

It all came down to fabric or leather.

I've lived with both a leather couch and a fabric couch. And I was leaning towards the fabric. Mostly for my sanity and the fact that I wouldn't have to scrape layers of my skin off the leather after it pealed off of me. Nate of course didn't have a solid opinion.

After some more talking we decided on...

The fabric sectional.

It's made by Najarian Furniture Co. and is from their Milan collection. Also, with our research we were able to find it cheaper and the local furniture company gave us $200 off of it! It's really a perfect sofa for us. It's contemporary which I love (I'm going to talk about my personal taste, because Nate's stated he "just likes what he likes"). While it's a neutral color, I'd still be able to add color to it. Which I want/need, because damn have a fallen into bland color world with our current living room look.

The biggest thing though is that it will fit in the place we are 95% likely going to move into in Ohio and will fit perfectly in the Colorado Springs home. Yes...we are lucky for knowing the next two places and houses we'll be moving to.

So we have the up we were thinking about the rug. Currently, we have a rug. A great rug at that. But honestly it's bland (all tans, creams and khakis). Plus I also am planning on using it in the dining room to cover the linoleum that we can't do anything about (in the Ohio home). Did we need a rug...not right now. Did we get a rug...YES!

After we bought the sofa we went to Pier 1 to look at pillows so I could get color ideas for our new look. The I saw it. Bright red and smiling back at me. It was the rug...yes THE rug. The red rose rug that I blogged about loving. Well, apparently at some point Pier 1 was selling it, though it's been discontinued and you can really only find it in stores. We also find out they they sell the rug in a 6 foot round.


After calling a few Cali stores for the round...we had one and as of yesterday (that FedEx delivery) we now have it in the house. Welcome home pretty rug that will fit perfectly into the nook of our new sectional.

Our next goal is finding a coffee table...which will wait till we actually move (yea waiting to buy furniture...there's a concept). We're looking for a glass/clear table so it doesn't hide the beautiful rug. We have one that we really like, but we'll keep looking till we know for sure.

So...if you made it this far...awesome. Now I want to share with you the decor ideas that I have put together. The three main elements (sofa/rug/table) are the only for sure things, everything else is just for color ideas (click on pictures to see the items used).

Those are my color ideas so far. Right now we're leaning towards the brighter colors. I cannot tell you how happy I am to be able to get a fresh chance at decorating our living room. It's the first thing people see when they come into our house and I want it to look happy and welcoming. I want it to look like "us".

What do you think? What colors would you pair with the brown/red combo? Do you have a good recommendation for places to look for decor?


  1. I like number 3, personally. Love that rug.

  2. Cream would lighten the darkness of the red/brown.. I am loving that rug! And I'm glad you got the fabric sectional.. Leather is bad!

  3. Second option for sure. Love the couch :)

  4. I forgot -- good places for decor? I don't know your budget, but Target and Ikea are good. Especially since you like modern pieces. I love decorating!

  5. I agree with JessRaquel. Cream would be nice. So would a pale yellow. I also prefer fabric. Leather IS bad. Stopping by from SITS!

  6. Looks great !! You seem to have a flare for decorating

  7. Nice choice on the sectional, sounds exactly like I would have chosen.. I like living room number 2, very pretty!!

  8. I like option #2 with maybe a piece of art with some red in it, too! You need something to tie the area rug in. I like how those colors work together. If you go with option 1 I would remove the big yellow pillows and only do a small one. Have you tried Homegoods, CB2 or Z gallery for accessories?
    Stopping by from SITS!

  9. I'll post the same information to my blog, thanks for ideas and great article.