Crafts: Storing sewn paper garland

3/05/2011 08:30:00 AM Ashley 0 Comments

Wondering how to store all of those sewn paper garlands you made? Then join the party. For all of the how-to guides about those things, I couldn't find one thing about how to store them. After a few failed attempts, one of them being with a paper towel roll, I came up with paper clips.


Now this idea could be a total bust when I reuse them next year, but for now lets pretend like it's the most brilliant idea ever!

So go gather your paper garlands and paper clips!

For my larger heart garland, I just folded the hearts on top of each other, trying to make sure the string didn't get tangled. Also...if you did three dimensional ones like I did, just press the paper back down so that it lies flat.


Then just paper clip!


Some of the larger, more delicate hearts got clipped twice. It's really up to you. For the smaller hearts on a long string, I just folded the string every 4 hearts (while trying to keep all of the hearts lined up) and when I was done I paper clipped through the string.

There's what I did! Hopefully when I pull these guys out next time, it will be easy and the string won't be tangled.

Hope that helps!