Decor: A hall with a view

3/03/2011 12:15:00 PM Ashley 0 Comments

When you walk into our house you see our living room to the right, lots of closets to the left and a hall too the kitchen in front of you. Seeing as the hall is pretty much one of the first things you see, I wanted it to have some personality. You know, as much personality as a hall can have especially when one wall is a solid wall of closets. One of those closets houses our washer and dryer.

You may remember a post I did right around when we moved in about the washer/dryer closet and the fact that the folding doors didn't work with the appliances in them. Because of that, we had to find a way to hide the prettiness of laundry items. We achieved this with curtains from Ikea.


The other wall was a blank slate minus the tiny door into fun land...or our water heater. Your choice.

We decided to use this way to display our wedding photos. It's not like we had those photos for two years and finally got them hung up or something. Noooo...not us.


For it being such an odd entryway and hall, I enjoy it. It has some life and personality. Plus I get to see that Expedit shelf every time I come home.