Decor: The dining room...finally!

3/10/2011 06:00:00 AM Ashley 0 Comments

Many many months ago I teased you with a almost finished dining room post. Then I never really did an update on it. Though you kind of got a look at it when I did a post about a baby shower I helped throw. But I am trying to be a better blogger and actually post about things I talk about.

So here we go...a proper look into my dining room (again these photos were taken right after our wine tasting party, thus all the red).

Looking into the dining room from the living room.

Looking in from the kitchen.

Our buffet.

Candle holder wall art.

Again, we were lucky that all of our stuff somehow fit into the dining room! Somehow as were were setting up our house, furniture just kept finding homes. Which is such a relief. The leaf rug was originally in our living room back in Albuquerque, but we didn't need it here because of the carpeting. Our repainted china cabinet also makes a reappearance.

Of course the biggest thing is the stripes on the wall. After swearing off doing stripes ever again...
I went and did them again anyway! I even used paint from Ralph Lauren's Regent Metallic line, which I already had. I again have sworn off stripes, which should last for awhile, because if we move back to Colorado my house there already has stripes!