Decor: Yellow fabric for pillows

3/07/2011 08:16:00 AM Ashley 4 Comments

I know I just did a post about yellow not even three weeks ago, but we can ignore that right?

I'm still jonesing for the color and it's bad.

Bad enough that I am actually willing going to try to sew something other than paper. Yep, that's right I'm going to try my hand at sewing fabric (I say this as if I haven't sewn fabric before). But the fabric is going to be for throw pillows for our living room. I mean what better way to add color then something that you can change out when you are tired of it!?

Now I just need to find the perfect fabric with yellow in it. Care to help me pick one out!? Great...I knew you would!

Of course today Joann's website is down, so I can't post a picture of one of the fabrics I've been eyeing there. Oh well. These are just a few of the fabrics that have caught my eye. If you can think of any other fabrics that might work, or that you love...share those links with me!


  1. I REALLY like the Key West fabric...I might need to make pillow cases along with you! (if you'd like a sewing buddy :) )

  2. I dont have a color suggestion but a pillow suggestions....i just love the ruffle pillows...I should probably make some :)

  3. Once I find fabric I love, we can totally make pillows together!

  4. I love the ruffle pillows too! I just don't think I am at a skill level where I won't get angry and throw stuff across the room when trying to attempt those!