Decor: Living room

3/09/2011 08:25:00 AM Ashley 0 Comments

I'm officially sick. Three days ago I had a tickle in my throat. Two days ago it was a cough. Yesterday it was a full blown cough and today I'm for sure sick as it has now moved into my nose. I'm writing this one off as a head cold. Lucky me.

This means that I am not getting a lot done. I had to pass on a trip to IKEA (boo) which could have lead to possible yellow fabric for the living room. Of course nothing would have been made since I have been sitting on my butt doing nothing. But lets ignore that part.

Since I have nothing done and I'm not planning on anything getting done today, I figured I'd show you my living room. It has been a topic of some of my recent posts after all. Plus you finally get to see the sofa we loved, but had a few issues with (read about it here, here and here). All of the troubles with it were totally worth it, because I am in love with this sofa!

Keep in mind, all of these pictures were taken after our Valentine's wine tasting party, so there is a lot of red. All of the red can go away, minus our wonderful carpet.

View from standing at our front door.

View from stairs.


View from dining room.

Our secondary "living" area behind our sofa. Also where we house our kitchen table.

When we moved into the house we had to finagle some furniture around to make it fit. After all we do have a lot of furniture. But somehow we managed to get everything we needed into this very long living room.

Our very empty "before".

It may not be the most desirable living space ever, but I like what we did with it. It's comfortable and hopefully inviting. I always strive to have a house that looks good, but also feels lived in. I want people to be able to come in and feel like they can sit down and just relax. It helps that the sofa is really comfortable! Totally worth all of the last minute stress.

All I need now is some bright fresh colors to help make if feel like spring! Now while I am drooling over yellow, if you have color ideas I'd live to hear them! So comment with links and ideas! I love hearing from you! Also, if you have any questions about our living room I'd be happy to answer them!