Etsy and Gifts: For the geek in your life

11/29/2009 09:59:00 AM Ashley 0 Comments

In case you didn't know I am married to a grade A geek. He tinkers with things constantly. We have 6 gaming consoles. Legos are a common sight in our house. As are Hot Wheels. Nate's cubical at work looks like a 7 year old lives there.

Shopping for him has always been interesting. Really though I just need to shop for said 7 year old and I'm usually golden.

For anyone who is married to their own geek, here's a few things your geek may love!

Prim and Plush:

Mr. Ethanol

Cup of Water

How stinking cute are these little plush molecules?! I mean come on! Be sure to check out their blog too!

Paisley Dog Press:

When sending out your next card, take a stand for who you are!

Beetlegirl Design:

(Link to item in photo)

A soft little snail for your bug lover!