Fashion: Monday Shoes

11/23/2009 09:00:00 AM Ashley 0 Comments

I have a thing for shoes that make an impact with its heel. I also have a major love of all things Christian Louboutin. If you put those two loves together you get today's shoe choice. These were a shoe that I have loved since they came out. I just couldn't chose a color (red, blue or black). I finally set my sights of the black. I felt that I could wear them with more things, or as many things as you can wear a shoe with a huge bow with. I finally was able to snatch them after a wonderful sale that I stumbled upon. I adore these shoes for the simple fact that they can make almost any outfit a "wow".




Designer: Christian Louboutin
Name: Anemone
Color: Black with cream
Material: Satin
Heel: 4 3/4 inch

~You might be able to find them on ebay, but that's about it (minus the knock offs, but that's just a bad idea all around).