Crafts: Jumping on the ornament wreath bandwagon

11/25/2009 09:44:00 AM Ashley 0 Comments

I'm pretty sure that by now most of you have seen (or maybe even made) one of these very popular ornament wreaths. I've really loved them but I hate the prices I have been seeing. Also the thought of using actual glass ornaments makes me cringe (if you know Nate at all you know glass breaks at the mere sight of him). In stead of the cleaning up tiny little shards of glass route, I went the shatterproof route.

I've been kind of crazily stocking up on all of the cute ornaments I could find. I stock pile things, it's one of those quirky habits of mine (which yet again proves I am a PCSing nightmare). I finally got to actually making wreaths this past weekend and have gotten through two of them so far. Both of these will be going to loving homes (one is a special request and the other is going to someone who doesn't know it's on the way!).

Anywho, I wanted to take the time to show off my finished projects. I would totally recommend trying it if you so desire. It's pretty easy, just a little time consuming with the placement and waiting for the glue to dry.

All of my pretty ornaments!

The wire wreath base that I'm using.

The finished product!

Close up.

My second wreath!

Close up.