Fashion: Monday Shoes

11/16/2009 09:00:00 AM Ashley 0 Comments

I don't actually have this Ugg boot in my possession, I owned them and wore them into the ground. I now am hoping to re-buy them. What's keeping me from doing that is the fact that I live in Albuquerque (just another reason for me to hate it here). It really never gets cold enough for me to justify buying them a second time. I'm probably going to have to hold out until we are sent somewhere that doesn't suck. Anyway, that's a whole other thing.
I am right on the line for loving and hating Uggs. I love the fact that they keep my feet toasty warm, because once my feet get cold it is very hard to get them warm again. I also loved that I could throw them on to tromp trough the snow. I hate them because teenage girls seem to think that they are the perfect companion to miniskirts and shorts. They also seem to be the girls that wear them in the blistering heat. Now I do not look at my Ugg's as fashion staple in my closet. They are not pretty or glamorous. They will not complete an outfit perfectly. They make your feel look huge and legs stumpy. They are definitely not meant to wear with miniskirts (trust me, if I see you wearing them that way I will mock you for days). They are meant to be comfortable and warm, because sometimes you just can't wear heels in the cold and snow (even though I do).


Designer: Ugg
Name: Sundance II
Color: Chestnut, Cream
Material: Sheepskin and suede
Heel: 1.25"

~You can still find this style everywhere. The last place I saw it was Dillard's and Nordstrom.