Fashion: Monday Shoes

11/02/2009 09:02:00 PM Ashley 0 Comments

*I almost forgot about Monday Shoes!

If you remember one of my shoe posts was about my beautiful wedding shoes. I knew that there was the chance that I would need to switch out of them and into something else. I found these Kenneth Cole heels and thought that they would be a good backup shoe. Yes I know normal people have as their backup shoe, but I am not normal. I never ended up wearing them. They stayed under the table waiting for their chance, it just never came.
I love that they are such a shiny silver as well as the heel, they are done in a triangular shape with a wood veneer look to them. They are great shoes...super comfy. I'll get some great use out of them. Sadly they just came up a distant second to my amazing wedding shoes.

Designer: Kenneth Cole
Name: Strap Sody
Color: Silver, natural wood
Material: Leather, wood veneer
Heel: 2 inches

~No longer available for purchase