And so it begins

5/11/2010 02:49:00 PM Ashley 4 Comments

Even though we don't have to be in Dayton till August, we are working on getting there a few weeks before. We want to do this so that we can get settled in and get use to the area. Nate will be a full time student, which means I'll see him when he comes up for air from all of the reading/papers. So having him to myself for even two weeks before he starts will be huge.

Of course having two months instead of three means we need to get cracking. I of course looked for PCSing check lists. I found this one...the one that is always recommended by almost anyone and everyone who has PCSed. Really people? The second I looked at it I started to freak out. Like hard core. Nate quickly snatched the list away from me and stated that this is is beyond outdated. How might one be able to tell? Well there is this on the checklist:

"If you have a computer, "park" hard disk drive units, then disconnect computer systems. Place floppy disks in protective cases before packing into cartons."

As well as this:

"If you are leasing phones from the phone company, return them."

I haven't had to "park" a hard disk...ever. And floppy disks? I the last time I used one was in the 90's. I also like the "if you have a computer" part, because once upon a time it was uncommon. Oh and apparently you haven't had to lease phones from the phone company since Ma Bell was around (1980's for those of you that don't remember Ma Bell). So pretty much someone copy and pasted this check list into a Excel and called it good. So thank you whoever did that, I needed to freak out over an outdated list.

Luckily Nate found a much better list...even up to date...for me to freak out over.

My first major thing to tackle was seeing what food we have in the house. This meant I made a list of everything in our freezer and fridge. I also went through our pantry and tossed old food and organized it in a way to let us know what needs to be eaten now and what we can take with us. I feels nice to have that part taken care of. Plus we can start eating through everything now and not feel like we have to toss huge amounts of food.

We've also figured out that we're going to live on base. We figure it's going to be one of the only times we'll get a chance to live on base. Plus they are desperate for people to fill the houses. So much so that they are offering discounted rent as well as a gift. Now when I say gift I mean we can choose from a computer, a 47" TV, a washer and dryer and some other things. Crazy awesomeness.

If only the rest of this move will go that easily.

Now I realize that me talking non stop about this move is not going to work for all of my blog posts. I also realize that I haven't done a giveaway in awhile. So keep an eye out...because I have an inkling that sometime this week I just might have to post items that I think you all should have a chance to win!


  1. Dear Nate's Job,
    Please send him to Seattle, not Dayton.
    Reconsider immediately.

    Sincerely, Cassie

  2. Hey, if you have any questions about moving or need to talk or anything....we have done it a couple times. We have never been stationed at Wright Patt but we go up every year for the AF Marathon...its awesome, the base is huge, but the housing is nice.

  3. Stopping by from SITS to say Hi!

    Good luck in getting it all accomplished. I am an avid follower:)

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  4. We moved from the Midwest to South Florida, and then back again 5 years later. The first time we got rid of a lot of stuff we thought could be easily replaced in our new home, packed ourselves, and hauled it all in a U-Haul. Huge Pain in the Rear there. When you move across country with a family and pets the last thing you want to do is unpack the U-Haul and try to find your stuff.

    Replacing things is a chore too. I regret to this day (8 years later) many of the things we got rid of that I haven't found suitable replacements for, things like pitchers and cookware, and decorator knick-knacks that I didn't realize I would miss as much as I do.

    The second time we bought rubbermaid containers for everything, didn't get rid of things we thought we could replace (why buy things two and three times? who needs that expense?), packed it ourselves, and hired Bekins to haul it and to deliver on a certain date. It was amazing and so much easier.

    If we ever moved again (We certainly don't plan on it) I would go this route again. Things like our washing machine, dryer, and sofa added maybe $20 to our total Bekins bill and could not be replaced for that kind of money. Plus we lived on a third floor walk up and hauling that stuff down the stairs and 500 feet to the parking lot was more than I wanted to contemplate. The rubbermaid containers are great because they protect the contents better than a crushable or damp packing box.

    I loved the freedom of not hauling our own stuff, we were able to drive up and stop and visit places along the way and make it a relaxing, not stressful, event.

    Good luck on your move! It's certainly a harrowing experience!

    ~Kelli @ Smidgens