Formal dresses waiting for their moment(s)

5/26/2010 08:15:00 PM Ashley 7 Comments

Part of my day was spent in our home office. This is where my vintage lives as well as my formal and semi formal dresses.

Seeing as the reoccurring theme for a military move is to make lists and take pictures of your stuff, I figured I'd start here. While most may not fully care about dresses...I do. I love dresses. I live for them. Which is something I doubt my mom would have ever expected me to say, mostly because I hated dresses when I was little. My mom couldn't pay me to wear them. Heck I didn't even know (or care) what the difference was between skirts and dresses.

Now by no means was I snapping a picture of every dress I own, that would be pure insanity, but I did take pictures of my nicer dresses. A lot of these dresses have seen a lot of love...while others are just waiting for their moment to shine. Lets just say I have a few ball gowns that haven't seen any love and I blame the fully on the lack on military balls.

I figured that since I have pictures of these dresses, that I would share a few with you as well.

First up are dresses I have worn. Some were for balls (dances), others for date nights and one for our second wedding reception.

L to R: Badgley Mischka/ ABS by Allen Schwartz/ ABS by Allen Schwartz
BCBG/David Meister/BCBG

Now for the dresses I love, but haven't had the chance to wear yet.

L to R: Calvin Klein/Badgley Mischka/ABS by Allen Schwartz
Nicole Miller/vintage reproduction/Laundry/Carmen Marc Valvo

I have a few others that are sitting in the closet, waiting for their moment, but these are some of my favorites. I have so many nice dresses, because I love dressing up. I love how I feel in a nice cocktail dress or gown. I just wish there were more reasons for me to wear them. One can hope and dream.

Do you have any dresses that you keep for those "just in case" moments or parties? Is there a dress that you just can't give up? Do you like dressing up?


  1. I've never been a big fan of dressing up, I have to be begged to usually get in a dress although I have at least 5 dresses for different events and I do love them. I'm just lazy I guess, my bff is still trying to turn me into a real girl.. She insists that real girls wear blush but I think she might just be crazy..

    I love the purple dress and the 3rd blue dress, hot!

  2. I don't have many dresses, because we never go anywhere nice enough to wear them. That said, I DO have a few because I also love them and love dressing up as well.

    Those are gorgeous.

  3. I am in love with the last dress in the first collage and 3rd dress in the second collage! If you hear strange noises in your home office, it's just me. Snatching them. :)

    In all honesty, I'm not a big dress girl. It's hard to find dresses that flatter my short, top-heavy figure so I avoid them. But lately I've been picking up some inexpensive, casual dresses to try and work my way into wearing them. I guess it's all about finding the right style and the right bra! There are none I have kept around for sentimental reasons, except of course my wedding dress, which I loved from the moment I saw even though the marriage didn't work out!

  4. Oh my gosh you have such gorgeous dresses. I really love the dresses with the plunging backs.

  5. That is such a good idea..i love your dress form! I am a military wife too I totally understand the move thing! Stopping by from SITS, can't wait to read more!

  6. I left you something over on my blog today. =)

  7. You are quite the collector! You have such beautiful pieces! Love the yellow one especially.