Mail...that smells good?

5/06/2010 12:51:00 PM Ashley 3 Comments

Well it smells good to Emmett.

The back story is that after our last vet visit we were told he needs to lose a little weight. He's not fat by any means, but the doctor told us that even a loss of 2-3lbs would do a world of good for his hips. This meant we were going to have to for sure change his food (which we were already thinking about). The issue...there's a lot of food out there, both great and crappy. We want great food, but we also have a picky eater on our hands.

We once put him on Blue Buffalo and if you've ever used it you know that there is a darker pellet of food mixed in. Lets just say we would find them strewn across the house...because he didn't like them and would spit them out wherever he was walking at the moment. Yummy!

In walks in this wonderful blog, which is written by a very funny vet. One day she talked about this great online food company, which I scoped out and bookmarked. Fast forward to Monday, when Nate and I started looking at foods for Emmett. We were stumped. Neither of us want to buy a huge bag of food for him to end up hating it. Then I remembered the online pet food retailer, K9cuisine. We looked around and then I realized that they have free samples of almost all of the foods they offer!


All we had to pay was shipping and handling and we could choose up to 10 different samples. Holy cow lucky! We snatched up a few samples from EVO, California Natural, Wellness CORE, Solid Gold and a few others.

Only 3 days later (as in today) there was a knock at the door and a box full of happiness waiting for Emmett.


He knew it was for him. He sniffed the box from the door to the couch. He's now laying next to it to protect it. It's like Christmas for him.

While he's stoked about the food I am beyond excited about how quick the delivery was. Then there is the fact that they offer free samples. No one wants to dump money into a food that doesn't work or that your pet hates. They also offer deals, discounts and free shipping on $50+ orders. If you sign up to get emails from them, they will send you a 10% off coupon good for your first purchase. They also have a blog and a place where you can ask questions. It's a one stop shop and then some. I honestly can not say enough good things about this company. We will shop with them from this point forward. Seriously...go check out K9cuisine, your pet will thank you!

And because I can't post about Emmett without he is, way too excited about a box of food.

Seriously lady...stop with the pictures and open the box!

All this food...for little old me?

If I stare hard enough they will open and jump into my mouth!


  1. Yay! I love Emm pictures! He's so cute.

  2. That is too awesome! My cats think everything that comes in the door is for them. They'd probably hoard that box, too. ;)

  3. My dog would have devoured the mailman to get to that box. Of course, mine is 100 pounds and already is not a fan of the mailman as he's scared of his truck for reason I can't figure out. He doesn't mind UPS but also hates the FedEx truck-weirdest thing.
    Happy Saturday sharefest!