Beauty and the phlegm

5/17/2010 09:00:00 AM Ashley 4 Comments

Hello my lovelies, I hope you all had a nice weekend. If you did, then I am slightly jealous. Friday night I was feeling congested and by Saturday morning I was in full blow sinus infection territory. By no means is this my first ever sinus infection (try my 398th) and it definitely won't be my last.

Lets just say that I was the child that had to play outside while wearing a mask, because my allergies/sinus issues were just that bad.

While these infections are nowhere near as bad as ones I use to get...I will say that my body has crap-tastic timing with this whole "screw you and your breathing" thing.

Luckily, Saturday I was able to go out with Nate. I was also even able to keep the phlegm to a minimum! It was nice to get out to look around. Which brings up the fact that shopping has pretty much been halted in our household. Saving money is always something we think about, but really right now we don't need or want any more stuff to move. So for now I look...and sometimes drool.

Except for this weekend...I broke the no shopping hold I imposed on myself. I bought two dresses at TJ Maxx and I am totally playing it off as items I need. I need them for our move. We'll be sitting in a car for up to 8 hours a day for 4 days and traveling across 5 states. With most of those states being in the south. Can we say hot and muggy? I can.

A dress or skirt to travel in is just more comfortable for me. Less fabric to bind in awkward places. Of course for as many dresses as I own...not many are suitable for comfortable travel. I want simple cotton jersey dresses. Thus the purchase of the two dresses...



I love maxi dresses. I really don't know why...but I do. This dress was an instant must have, especially for $17. Lurve the ruffle detail. It makes a plain dress more fun! This is going to have to have a tank underneath, because this is a booby dress. Even Nate said it was a bit much. Now that's saying something.


Yet another booby dress...yet nowhere near as bad as the first. This dress was a bit of a splurge at $30. But really $30 is awesome, because I have this exact dress in teal, which I got from Anthropologie. Yes...that's right this is the same exact dress...just a different color. I got the teal dress on sale for around $60, down from around $130. So really $30 is nothing. This was a very exciting find!

I'll be rummaging through the closet here soon, trying to figure out what we will take with us. For now though, I am going to pump myself full of meds so I can hopefully get over this sinus infection now...and not later.

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What do you like to wear when you travel?


  1. I'm so sorry your sick! No fun. I'm at the in between stage. Major sinus pressure, a little sore throat. My body is in between well and ill. Just make up your mind already!

    I'm so loving that maxi dress. Love the ruffles. Love everything about it. And now I'm jealous!

  2. Hope you feel better soon! Finding great things at TJ Maxx always helps. ;) Great finds, love the maxi dress.

  3. I totally hate that in between stage of being healthy/sick. I always get to the point where I'd just rather be sick so I can get over it.

    I was super stoked about the maxi dress and the ruffles! I'm a little sad for the orange dress, because it looks lackluster on a hanger. But I really love it too.

  4. Thanks! I always love finding things at discount stores, makes all the digging and crowds worth it!