Etsy love

5/28/2010 03:58:00 PM Ashley 10 Comments

I haven't done a post on things I love for Etsy. This post my be driven by the fact that my husband got me the cutest vintage daisy brooch that has a tiny little lady bug sitting on it...from Etsy of course! My husband was so darling when he gave it to me. He finds ways to make me fall more in love with him every day.

As much as I would love to gush about my husband, I will save you from the desire to click the close window button and move onto my lust worthy Etsy items.

{Items linked through photos}

Now if you buy any of these...I must insist that you let me know how you like them!

Is there anything on Etsy you are lusting after? Care to share the link?


  1. Hiya! New follower from the SITS BlogFrog... isn't that thing grand? :)

    LOVE that dress on the very bottom left... how gorgeous! Etsy is such an addicting place to shop, so much awesome stuff! I recently bought a few items from MD Sparks (; I won the little sparrow necklace in a giveaway, and it was so fantastic that I went and bought a pair of Morocco earrings and a Dragonfly Pond necklace! Sigh, pretty things. :)

  2. Anything by Octavia Bloom!

  3. Stopping in from SITS - I would just die for those appetizer plates or the cocktail dress. Gorgeous! A lot of the stuff I find on there is for my son, but I'm always looking for new sellers for ME! Thanks for the links!

  4. I NEED those recipe cards! I'll let you know how I like them :)

  5. Those recipe cards are fantastic!

  6. Etsy is like my best friend ;-) I write about weddings and bridal accessories and such, and it is just an amazing resource for brides. But then there's all this other great stuff that tempts me daily. I really wanted this for mom's day:
    But alas, I did not get it!

  7. I love shopping and selling on Etsy! I've made some really amazing friends on there!

    Stopping by from SITS to welcome you!

    Cheers :-)
    - CoconutPalmDesigns

  8. I love this Etsy collection you put together!

  9. Opps for got to tell you I'm Stoppin by from SITS;o)