A fall nail color for my desire for it to be fall

8/30/2010 07:46:00 AM Ashley 2 Comments

What a full and very busy weekend! All I know is that fall better get here soon, because I am more than ready for it! It didn't help that this weekend we went to pick apples and the farm had pumpkins and decorative corn to tempt me (the temptation won if you were wondering). My desire for fall is so bad that I have even been wearing fall colors on my nails. I've been snatching up the new colors from both OPI's Swiss collection and Essie's Fall collection. Which means...lucky for you, I'll have a lot of nail polish swatches coming up!

Blurry, but the color in the shade.

In direct sunlight.

For the past week I have been wearing OPI's "Diva of Geneva". It's a purple with a lot of red undertone, but at the same time the color changes a good amount depending on the light. I have on three coats in this picture, but that's only because I added a third coat after 5 days so I could take a picture without chipped nail color. Two coats worked for me, but the 3 coats did help hide any booboos I made. The color also dried quickly for me (I didn't use anything to help it dry). All and all I am smitten with this color. I love looking at my hands when I have this on. I can quickly see this becoming an all time favorite of mine.

Oh and how great is that apple!? Hand picked by me! I cannot tell you how fun it is to go pick apples...but it is and you should do it if you can. I plan on going again...and will have a different nail color for the occasion!

Are there any fall nail colors that you are looking forward too? What will you end up buying?


  1. I am looking forward to a deep eggplant purple color. Purple is my fav :) And thanks for your response to my email on the vintage. I seriously love your collection!

  2. Today, I was given my very first blog-award, and I passed it to you!! If you have time, please check out my blog and see your award!