Home decor I am currently drooling over

8/31/2010 08:05:00 PM Ashley 7 Comments

I can't remember if I talked about the fact that my husband and I made our first trip to IKEA the other week.

Holy amazeballs!

It was flipping huge (that's what she said). And we spent nowhere near enough time there. I honestly cannot wait to go back, which will hopefully be very soon.

Even though we didn't have enough time there, we did spend enough time for me to find many different things that I am dreaming of owning.

*Taps fingers together evilly*

I have nowhere to currently use this beauty, but it doesn't keep me from wanting it. Each little "flower" is made from a paper type material and the shadows it casts are amazing!

I want like 20 of these to hang all over the house. In areas like, but not limited to, the kitchen, office and bathroom.

We bought the desk/bookshelf combo from the EXPEDIT line for our craft room, but I would love this setup for a wall in our kitchen. It would give a lot more storage/decorating options for a small kitchen. Plus we could paint it to match whatever our current decor is.

I'm in love with this fabric and want drapes made out of it. Can anyone sew? Please?

Seeing as we don't currently have a chair for either the desk or the craft table, I think these would be great. They are comfortable and would easily blend in with whatever we had in the office/craft room/2nd guest bedroom.

So there are my current wants. Is there any home decor you have been drooling about? Have you been to an actual IKEA store? What did you think?


  1. IKEA is always a day long trip just to drool over everything!

    BTW, drapes are easy to make. I can show you how to do them.

  2. IKEA is so great, isn't it? I love that chair! Get it immediately.

    Have you seen The Way We Are? She has that light fixture in her entry and it's amazing! vintageglamourous.blogspot.com

  3. I love IKEA - we actually just bought that shelf in brown/black last weekend and it has been such a great addition to our apt! We also bought a tv stand, and coffee table and storage and flowers and.... :)

  4. I totally love all the crazy fabric prints over in Ikea. My husband is Swedish, though, and won't let us shop there. *pout* He says it's crap. *pout*.

  5. I love IKEA. I'm lucky it is so far away because I would spend so much money there if it were in town!! That fabric is awesome, I want curtains made from it too!

  6. I LOOOOOVE Ikea! Thank goodness the nearest one is 3 1/2 hours away or I would be broke, haha! Every time I go there I find so much I want...I love, love, love their faux bedrooms and kitchens they have set up! So much fun to dream about living in one some day!

  7. There is an IKEA 20 mins from our house. I used to work there. We have the 2 of the Expedit shelves. A large one in the entry and a small one in the kitchen. I love that light, our ceilings are too low for it though, we'd be banging our heads on it.