Reebok EasyTone flip flop review

8/21/2010 08:55:00 PM Ashley 1 Comments

Close to four months ago I told you all that my wonderful husband got me the Reebok EasyTone flip flops. I was excited about them.

Not so much anymore.

Don't get me wrong, they are a good flip flop, but for the price you could get a kick ass pair of heels.

They're touted as being able to tone and strengthen. And man do I wish I could say that happened for me, but it didn't. I wore these every day for a month and even past that month I was wearing them pretty much every time we did something. Even if I was home, I walked around the house in these. Heck, I wore these things throughout all of our moving process. They do warn that you might need to have a breaking in time for the shoes/flip flops because of the rolling/rocking motion that the sole causes. I never felt that I needed to break them in and I never really felt the rolling. Though I do have to say that I already have an unusual walk because of my knee/hip issues, so that may mean that these were never going to work for me.

Even after all of this time, my butt doesn't feel differently. Nor do my thighs. In fact they are still the same jiggly mess they were before.

In short, if you have the money to spend on them...don't bother. I was nowhere near impressed at all. Especially for how much the flip flops cost (and the shoes cost even more!). If you want firm thighs and a butt, do it the old fashioned way. Work out.

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  1. Thanks for sharing I've been wondering if those things were worth it or not. I'll buy some heels instead!