8/26/2010 07:56:00 PM Ashley 0 Comments

I thought it might be fun to post my OOTD. I actually got out of my jeans (oh who are we kidding I mean mesh shorts) and tank tops today. Most because there was a spouses orientation for the incoming student's spouses. I'll just say that the best part of the day was getting to wear my new dress that Nate bought me. Other than that, the day made me feel sad (issues with not fitting in, yet again).

On to happier things...my outfit!

I've been in love with the Dreamy Drape Dress since it first came out in the blue pattern. I wanted it forever, but I waited to long and it went away. When it came out in the solid colors I just wasn't impressed. Then I saw that it came in what I can only guess is the fall color. It's a mix of black, mink and purple and I just love it. The fabric is super soft and it's easy to wear.

I found the shoes at Marshalls (were I get 75% of my shoes). I love the glitter on the heel, because you don't notice it at first. Plus with the thicker heel, I can wear them far longer than most.

I didn't do too much else to the outfit. Just threw on some earrings and called it good, but compared to how I have been dressing I look like I was going to a major function!

I also realized today as I was going through my closet...I need sweaters. Most of the ones I had didn't fit any more and the ones that do aren't thick enough to get me through the winters here. Darn, I guess that means I have to shop!