Making a storage area pretty

8/19/2010 09:00:00 AM Ashley 4 Comments

I keep promising to show you all ways that I have been decorating our new home, but really we are nowhere near close to the finished product. But I do finally have something to share with you...closets!

Yeah yeah, not that exciting for you, but it was for me.

We lucked out and ended up with a house that has a lot of closets. So much so that we were able to turn one into a pantry. Upstairs we have three linen closets and that's not including the bedroom closets (each bedroom has two).

For the linen closest I decided to use contact paper to cover the shelves. It gives me peace of mind knowing that my bedding is sitting on something that is clean (and easily cleanable). It also protects the wood shelves from any liquids that might spill. Plus, it just looks pretty when I open the door.



The closest closet to the guest bathroom will house all of our towels and extra soaps and such. The one near the bedrooms will be bedding and all of my candles.

Side note...yes I know I own a lot of candles. I just love them so much. Plus I just can't pass up a deal at TJ Maxx/Marshalls.

Then there is a third, very small closet that is in our master bathroom. That will hold all of our bath supplies and my make up.

Honestly, contact paper is such an easy way to spruce up a dull space. Plus it doesn't cost much. Two rolls ran me under $10 and you can get a variety of patterns to suit your decor (mine is a variegated green stripe).

Putting away sheets never looked this good!


  1. My closets are shameful. The one in the hallway has no door or jam - and a curtain that I cut the bottom off of to make a smaller curtain as the door. The least I could do is spruce it up with contact paper until we get the door in. Your closets look fabulous!

  2. The candles. THE CANDLES! I'm swooning over them!

  3. My closets never looked this good. I did it because our stuff wasn't in them yet. Don't worry though...once we get settled into the house, I doubt they will ever look that organized again! We have a closet that houses our washer/dryer and because they are the newer front loaders, the doors no longer fit (they won't close). So now we have to get a drape to cover it up. I'm having issues even finding drapes I like!

  4. I love candles! I use to have this issue with buying ones that I knew I could never replace and I wouldn't burn them. Such a waste, but it's what I did.

    Seeing as you're a candle should check out Wood Wicks (if you haven't already). They have a wood wick and when lit they make a crackling sound like you hear from a fire. I absolutely adore them!