The last round of reviews for pet friendly hotels

8/06/2010 05:09:00 PM Ashley 0 Comments

Since I promised to do reviews for the pet friendly hotels we stayed at, I wanted to get this blog post done before I moved onto the trip and actually living in Ohio.

It's hard to believe that we have been here for exactly a week. Time flies when you have boxes to unpack.

Anywho, the last two hotels we stayed at were Aloft in Birmingham, AL and Hotel Indigo in Athens, GA. Both were wonderful and places we'd stay at again in a heart beat.

Aloft is very much just that, a hip loft feel for bedrooms. When you walk into the lobby you notice a nice light scent that fills the air. Very refreshing after a day in the car. They also all loved Emmett, every time the people at the desk saw him, they came out to pet and play with him. They also offered to bring up a dog bed up to our room, but ended up being out of them. Though they still brought Emmett dog treats. For the humans they have Bliss products, which were amazing to use. Oh and there was no pet fee what-so-ever!


Bathroom was to our right as we walked into the room.

Two queen beds.

They had these really cool liquid tiles in the elevator that the liquid moved around when stepped on.

Hotel Indigo was also wonderful. They are eco minded and tried to use and many green products in their rooms as possible. They even had recycling bins in the bathroom. We actually ended up in a penthouse room for just $5 extra (pet fee was $75 and most costly) . The rooms are very open and bright, with great pops of color. HUGE bonus, if you stay there with a pet on Wednesday night (even if you don't stay there), they have a Canine Cocktail hour. Where they have drink specials for the humans (some drinks have dog names) and cookies for the dogs. They also gave Emmett a dog collar that had the hotel logo on it!

Entrance area of our room.

King sized bed.



So there you have it...our dog friendly hotels.

Of course that means the next few blogs you'll see from me will be a road trip recap, our new home, projects that we have started and projects that we want to do. Heck I even have some beauty reviews (shampoo/conditioner and nail polishes). So keep following and thank you to everyone who stuck with me while we did this move! I can't wait to get back into blogging.