Review and Beauty: Fiery Reds-Product Rave!

10/05/2009 01:00:00 PM Ashley 0 Comments

Like many women my hair has been through the color gambit. I was born blond and while I was younger I refused to give the color up, even though my hair had changed into a brown shade. At some point I decided to play with brown, but quickly went back to some form of blond. Then, about 5 years ago I discovered all things red. Going red was very exciting for me, I'm lucky enough to have a lot of red undertones in my hair already, so going red was just the next step for me. I have ranged from fiery red to rich auburn and everywhere in between. Sadly though, red is not easy to keep up with. It fades quickly, but usually I was too busy worrying about all of the red tinged towels I now have. Anyone who colors their hair knows that getting it to last is a huge goal. With reds it's a battle.

In these 5 odd years I have ranged from not bothering to protect it, to trying every single color saving shampoo/conditioner on the market. Recently I've been noticing the trend of shampoos and conditioners being specifically formulated for a certain color. I tried those too. Yet my color faded.

This past summer I had been waiting, for our vacation to Colorado, to get my hair cut. I had found an amazing stylist and salon while searching for someone to do my hair for our wedding. Andrea at Grand Salon had done such a wonderful job on my wedding hair that I waited 3 extra months just for her to give me a much needed hair makeover. She agreed that I needed to stick with my red and very much hit a home run with the auburn shade she chose. She wanted to make sure that my hair was going to hold onto the color for as long as possible and quickly walked off to their product wall. What she came back with has changed the way I live with my red hair. Apparently Bumble and Bumble had jumped onto the specific color treating shampoo and conditioner and boy am I glad they did!

(Product linked in photos)

Both products are very red, both in the bottle and in the hair. The shampoo doesn't lather up a lot (which is apparently a good thing), and the little bubbles it does make are red. It washes out red as well. Every time I wash, it is depositing extra color back into my hair instead of stripping it. With this product I have been able to hold onto my color over a month longer than usual! I bought the shampoo/conditioner in July and I still have 1/4 of the bottle left (I don't wash my hair everyday). I'm about to put in the order on the website to make sure I have backups ready.

I would recommend these products in a heart beat! Anything that makes being a redhead less challenging gets a gold star in my book.

Don't you worry non redheads, Bumble and Bumble have shampoos and conditioners specially made for your hair color needs.