Fashion: Monday Shoes

10/26/2009 08:30:00 AM Ashley 0 Comments

This shoe is just too much fun! The name they gave it, Sundae, is very fitting. This is a total girlie shoe. It is covered from heel to toe in glitter that shimmers in opalescent colors. Those colors are then picked up in the edging and heel fabric. I saw these and just had to have them. Normally I would say that it reminds me of being a little girl, but I was a total tomboy. So I'll just say that it reminds me of the childhood of the girlie girl I never was.


Maker: Oh Deer!
Name: Sundae
Color: Iridescent/Multi
Material: Glitter and fabric
Heel: 4"

~It's not looking like this shoe is in stock anymore, but it's still listed around the internet. You might be able to find it if you really search for it.