DIY: Quick shower change

10/14/2009 09:30:00 AM Ashley 0 Comments

Nate and I went to Home Depot this weekend so that I could buy him the Dremel he's been wanting as his anniversary gift. I know...a power tool as a gift for a man, classic. It's okay he offered to buy me an iron or vacuum. Thanks honey! Anywho, we of course wandered around a bit and stopped over at the shower head endcap. We tend to switch out our shower heads when we move somewhere new. I like to have flow options and we both like having it be a handhold shower head, so we always look around to see what is new.

I had just gotten a magazine (forgive me for not remembering it) and it had talked about a new Kohler shower head that was on the market. It's called the Flipside Handshower and it has four different water sprays. You switch between the different types but flipping the head around (works almost like a gyroscope). Well low and behold Home Depot already had it in stock. We had to try it and I must say we really like it thus far. I know you can get shower heads that have a crap ton of different water features, but lets be honest how many do we really use? The four shower sprays that Kohler picked are perfect! We both like the "Komotion" head, because it's a nice misty, massaging flow. It's really easy to install, all you need is the shower head and plumbers tape!
So if you're in the market for a way to spice up your shower, I'd definitely say look into this one! Plus it was only $88 at Home Depot which is $20-30 off of the listed price! Isn't it nice being handy?