Beauty: Oil Cleansing Method

10/30/2009 09:38:00 PM Ashley 0 Comments

I started my OCM last night, after much delay. Honestly some of it was pure laziness while the other part was that I decided to cut my finger open on some glass. Lets just say oil and a huge gaping cut don't mix.

Nate got on my case last night and told me to just do it, so I did. Lets just say rubbing oil on your face is interesting. Lets face it, it kind of makes you feel like you are basting yourself and preparing to be cooked. The smell, well you smell like a salad. Amazingly though, it seemed to "work". I can't really say that it works yet, just because I have only done it once. After rubbing my oil mixture all over my face, for what I thought was a reasonable amount of time, I asked Nate what he thought. He said I looked like I had a "glow" to my face, like I had just been working out. I then went off to steam/clean my face. I did about 4 steaming/wipe downs before I felt as though I had gotten everything off that I needed to. When all was said and done my face felt soft. Oddly soft. It also felt tight, but not in the dry sense; more in the wow it feels like things that were once there are gone, kind of tight. I didn't notice anything too different about blemishes or anything like that, but it might take some time. I hope to keep with this until I start seeing result (good or bad). I'll try to keep you up to date on my findings. Oh and by the way, I'm doing the 30% Castor Oil and 70% other oil along with a few drops of Tea Tree Oil (for scent). I might switch this up to 25/75 a day or two down the road to see what happens.

Here is what I am using:

Castor Oil

Sunflower Oil (cold pressed or organic)

Tea Tree Oil (for scent and cleansing)
(Items linked in photos)

I might play around with another base oil. I'm thinking maybe a Coconut Oil instead of the Sunflower oil. I've also hear that great quality Olive Oil is awesome. Just remember that you need your oils to be organic or cold pressed so that the nutrients are still in the oils and there is no chemicals. Also I'd have a good amount of washcloths handy. You want to use a new one each time, if you can, so you aren't steaming the gunk back into your face. I'd say having 7 cheap washcloths would be perfect (one for each day).