Fashion: Monday Shoes

10/05/2009 08:30:00 AM Ashley 0 Comments

After my first shoe post, Nate pestered me about the fact that I hadn't actually taken pictures of the shoe I posted. He wanted to know what would happen if someone thought that I didn't own them because it was just a picture off the internet. To any doubters I say...whatever. Those who know me, know I have A LOT of shoes. Some of my shoes are new enough that there are pictures of them on the internet. I am just lazy enough to use those photos. Don't worry though, I will end up having to take actual pictures of a lot of my shoes. Also, I have decided to keep the cost of shoes to myself. Some of them are easy to guess the prices of. If you really want to know the cost...ask and I will tell.


These are a great basic. Black goes with everything. The peep toe makes them fun and flirty. It has a bit of a platform, so it allows the heel to be taller without completely killing yourself (I still don't get the whole crazy platform look that's so in right now). What makes them even better is that they are easy to find, every shoe designer has put out some version of a black peep toe. Including Target. Yes these perfect, throw on any time, look great shoes are from Target!


Maker: Mossimo
Name: Vernice
Color: Black
Material: Faux Patent Leather
Heel: 3.75" with a 0.5" platform

~Luck's still on sale at Proof that classic shoes never go away!