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10/22/2009 04:12:00 PM Ashley 1 Comments

Sorry for the lack of posts, Nate and I have been vacationing in Colorado. Yesterday we decided to both get pedicures, I of course got my toenails painted. I decided on one of OPI's new holiday colors from their Holiday Wishes line. There are two major color pallets, one is full of reds and the other is more neutral (with a purple thrown in for good measure). I ended up buying 4 colors from the line, including the one I had put on my toes.

(Without flash)

(With flash)

(Without flash)

Holiday Glow: For some reason this color has been described as charcoal gray with silver glitter. I would like to meet whoever came up with that description, because it couldn't be further from the truth! Here's my take on it...'s a brown with a purple cast to it with really great flecks of gold glitter in it. All-in-all I love the color. It's nice to see a brown spiced up a bit. It's only took two coats and it's holding strong!

(Without flash)

Merry Midnight: OPI says it's a blue-violet with multi-hued glitter. I'd say the color is fairly on, though the major blue in it is the blue flecks of glitter. There are also some larger chunks of glitter that look almost copper depending on the light.

(Without flash)

Shim-merry Chic: OPI says this is a "glimmer of bronze glow". I'd say that's fairly true. Again, there is multi-colored glitter as well as the larger copper glitter.

(Without flash)

Smitten With Mittens: OPI goes with a "burgundy glitter to warm your fingertips". I'm going with this being more of a deep blood red with gold/copper glitter and it you just look right...even some pink glitter!

I'm very excited to get to try out the other three colors! It's nice to see some other colors other than just your basic red for the holidays (even though there is red). What do you think? Excited for their new holiday colors?

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