Beauty: Silky smooth

10/31/2009 10:02:00 PM Ashley 0 Comments

I have one very basic desire in life. It's so simple yet feels like I am nowhere near close to having it. I want to know what it is like to have smooth skin for longer than an hour.

I am one of those women who was "blessed" with awful, sensitive skin and quick growing hair. Now when I say this, it's directed towards my lower half. For some reason the skin/hair on my upper body is totally different on the top half compared to below the belt. I can use whatever I want on my top half without much worry, not so much on my legs and such. Go figure.

Lets just say shaving hurts, a lot. I break out with razor burn, get very dry itchy skin and patches of awfulness. The only lotion that I found that ever worked to sooth my legs after shaving was one from The Body Shop. They stopped making it. Awesome. So now I live in a good amount of fear that my legs will hurt like no other when I shave.

What about waxing you ask? Don't even get me started...Awful! When I got my bikini line and legs done, nothing good happened. My bikini line hurt, was covered in red bumps and then got awful in-grown hairs. Exfoliating only made it worse. My legs were a little better, but not much. They were red and itchy, plus my hair grows oddly enough that they weren't able to get all of my hair off (yes I know they may have sucked, but I'm not going to do it again).

Then there is laser hair removal. Can I just say that I don't have the upwards to $4000+ to have it done? Yeah I don't.

I was at a loss until one day when I discovered the TRIA. It's an at home laser hair remover.

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Hello beautiful!

At just $800 (apparently they just dropped the price to $600, how awesome is that?!), it's a steal. I know, I know it's $800 $600. At least it's a one time thing and you can use it as much as you would like. Not looking so bad now huh?

It come with a Skin Sensor that allows it to "read" your skin tone. If you have the right color skin it will unlock the actual device for you to start your hair removal.

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From what I have read there can be some pain, but that is common with most laser treatments. To help with that this little guy comes with three settings, which help tone down the pain if you have any (it also means you might need more treatments if you use the lowest setting).

After a good amount of research on it all I can say is, I want one! The idea of not having to shave every day is amazing (yes my hair grows that fast), it's also a huge plus that I could save thousands of dollars on treatments. For once in my life there is something on the market that makes me happy I am pale and have dark hair! If I do end up getting one you can bet that I will be posting updates on how it works, but for now I will drool...a lot.

If you're as interested in it as I am you can also buy it at Nordstrom. Though if you buy it straight from the makers website you can do a payment option, which make it hurt less. I'm going to head back over to their site to lust after it a bit more before I go to bed.

Smooth legs forever! *sigh*