Tackling nail polish

6/28/2010 09:07:00 PM Ashley 3 Comments

I spent the last part of my weekend finishing up with my shoes. Yes it took 4 days to do, but I was taking pictures of each pair of shoes and putting them into a spread sheet. 240 some shoes later and I was done.

No...I am not joking about that number.

Perhaps when they are all uploaded online I will share a link for you to look through.

As soon as I was done with that I decided to move onto my nail polishes. I plan on taking them with me, but I wanted to wrap them and put them in Ziploc bags for safe travels.


I have two baskets of polish, one is my OPI and the other basket is all of the other brands I own. I decided before I wrapped them, that I was going to make index cards with color swatches. I did this so that I always know what I have and so that I can take it with me if I plan on buying polishes.


After that they each got wrapped up and placed in a bag. That way if one breaks there is not worries of it spreading to fabric, cause we all know how awful of a mess that is to clean up!


Nate may or may not have bought me a DYMO label maker and I may be going a little label happy on things. Hey...maybe I'll really need a red from OPI. Probably not...but I can pretend.

Don't worry I will be keeping one or two colors out for my toes while we're moving.

Next up? Perhaps my spices that I don't plan on taking with us...or maybe my beauty products. All I know is that we are less than a month out before we move.

Wow...that's so crazy to say.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

If you have nail polish do you organize them? By color? By brand? Do you catalog the colors you have?


  1. You are so much more organized than I ever could be. When we moved, I chucked my shoes into several bags, and my OPI went into a plastic grocery bag and then into a box.

  2. Label makers are awesome!! We had one at a place I used to work and I went nuts with it whenever I could.

    I think I have ... 5 nail polishes. Yup! I'm so versatile, I know... ;)

  3. You have MAD organizational skills. Love it!