He's got junk in the trunk

6/09/2010 10:49:00 PM Ashley 6 Comments

Yesterday Otto the Auto got a makeover in the back end area. And yes...I named him Otto, he is a German after all. Nate thinks the name is lame, but really he's the lame one for not loving the awesomeness of my car naming thought process.

I took him into the dealership and many...many hours later Otto had/has extra junk in the trunk. Or what some might call a towing hitch.

After much debate and a brilliant idea we decided that instead of shipping the Versa and renting a trailer, that we would just tow the Versa behind Otto. Might as well make use of Otto's awesome towing ability (awesome for the size he is) and save money all at the same time. Plus...we'll be able to use the towing capability on our other moves! SCORE!

The only issue is now we really have to make sure that we are only bringing the items along that we ACTUALLY need to have with us. I'll figure out a way to make it all work. I always do. In fact I have already started crossing some items off the list.

Otto waiting for his butt implant.

Otto after his butt implant. I'm rather impressed with how well it blends. I was worried it would stick out like a sore thumb.

And one with the Emmett...because he always sneaks into photos. Whore.

And to anyone who may see us driving on our 4 day 1400 mile trip...we're not crazy. Okay I lied we are...but just don't honk at us. I'll cry. Unless you wave...then I'll wave back.


  1. Otto the auto is the best car name EVER. I love it!

  2. Otto is a great name, and I think he's a stud!

  3. Love the name! I LOLed at butt implant. Hehe. Yes, I'm 12.

  4. There couldn't be a more perfect name for Otto than Otto. His enhancement is very natural looking, too. You'll have so much fun on your 1400 mile journey. All you have to do is keep looking for things to blog about so you can entertain us when you arrive and get settled. :-D

  5. Don't worry there will be a camera and me...who never forgets anything. You'll have lots of stories about the whole ordeal!

  6. No worries I was giggling about butt implant too!