Screw packing and moving...I'm ready to decorate!

6/14/2010 06:16:00 PM Ashley 2 Comments

I'm stressed about this move and I am even more stressed about the reviews I have found about the company that is supposed to be moving us (Atlas for those that want to know). Lets just say that most of the reviews talk about the damage/lost/stolen items. Then there is the whole other stress in my life...which I would try to ignore, but they seem to always say/do something stupid at the worst time possible. My stomach is knots just thinking about all of this.

So what do I do to de-stress and help motivate me for this move? I find things I want to decorate our house with. And by house I mean the house that we think we will be getting. Yes...I am getting ahead of myself and yes I should be cleaning and organizing, but I just need a moment. Or I just might flip my shit and trust would be ugly for the person who would be on the receiving end.

Lets look at some home decor shall we? Now keep in mind these are things I like...but by no means do they all go together. Right now I am just putting ideas together.

Downstairs half bath:

Dandelions wall decal from NouWall

I love the unique take on the look of a dandelion and I am totally smitten with the wall color. Like...I'm seriously thinking about painting the main wall in the bathroom this color.

I like the idea of getting color into a bathroom that doesn't have green...yet there is green in this one. Oh the issues!

I enjoy this pattern a lot, plus it comes in a few other colors (must stay away from green).

Yes it has green...shut it! But it also has the same blue that I like for a wall color.

For our bedroom:

I want to get three of these...maybe paint one grey, one yellow and leave one white. Or paint a wall yellow and leave these white. All I know is that I need these in my life!

Things I love just because:

Fiore Rug at Chiasso

This picture does not do this rug any justice. Seriously click the link and look at the other photos. It's beautiful. I love it. I would love to have it in our house! In fact I even am drooling over it and how we can use it in our house in CO. *Drools*

Oh grey how I adore you.

Well there are the few things I have been eying. I think there might be at least on of these things in our near future...

Are there any rugs that you love that would work in a half bath? What home decor are you loving? Any great decor sites?


  1. I'd rather plan out decor rather than pack too. I'm so glad I'm settled finally and hubs and I aren't going anywhere unless we absolutely want to.

    And thanks so much for entering my giveaway. The odds are good right now!

  2. I love all your choices. I wish I had a decorating budget right now!