Just one of those days

6/24/2010 12:33:00 PM Ashley 2 Comments

Ever have one of those days where you think that it will be a decent day (far better then the last few stressful days), only to have life decide that you are being a little too hopeful? Yeah...welcome to my Thursday. By no means was it the worst day ever...but there have been enough little things to just push me a little closer to the edge.

On today's schedule we had an appointment to get Emmett groomed (so he looks super cute for a certain someone we are meeting at the end of the month) and for someone from the moving company come out to see our house (so they can gauge how many supplies they'll need). All and all a simple day.

If only.

I had called the vet over a week ago to schedule the grooming and at the same time said I would need more medication for Emmett's hips as well as all of his records. I figured one whole week would be perfect for them, because it takes about 1-2 days for them to order and receive his meds (as in they could have ordered it 2-3 times and if would be here in time). I show up today and nothing. NOTHING is ready. The main Vet and Vet Tech bicker about the fact that nothing is done. Someone brings up the fact that there was a note saying we were going to pick it up with him, but that there was nothing about the medicine. They don't have enough, so they'll have to order it in.

It's about that time when all I can think to do is "faceplam".

The Vet Tech then decides to tell me, rather rudely, that they had the records out last month all ready to go, but that they put them away after no one came to get them. I look at her and pretty much said...how am I to know that if you don't call.

More bickering.

I leave...only to come back later to grab Emmett. He's groomed (at least something went right). They hand me copies of all of his paper work...which they charge me for. Seriously!? I don't even have the energy to fight them about it. I ask about his X-rays and am told we can't have them. If we have to have them...then we can call them and they can mail them to our new Vet. Looks like we'll have to pay for yet another X-ray. Awesome.

I'm so annoyed with this Vet. They were great...then Emm's hip issues happened and they went to crap. Like bam...they have no idea what to do with us. Luckily, as long as Emm doesn't have a joint flair up in the next month we shouldn't have to deal with them anymore (minus me having to go back to get his meds).

I also got to deal with pissy FedEx man. Who is probably the worst delivery man EVER. I have actually caught him running away from our door so he didn't have to help us carry items inside. And by items I mean a daybed frame, among other things. Today I caught him right as I was coming home with Emmett. After he moved so I could get into our garage he stood outside holding our package huffing and sighing because I was taking far too long getting Emmett out of the car.

Sorry I was putting his leash on him so he wouldn't bother you mister FedEx man, how dare I. That 20 second process is just much to long to have to deal with.

I glared at him and pretty much just told him to put the package down in the garage if he couldn't wait for a moment. So down goes the package and off he runs to the van.

At least the walk through (which turned out to be over the phone) with the moving company was good. He was nice and extra attentive.


I can't even believe we are at the month mark. I hope that this month flies by. I'm ready to see what Ohio has to offer (hopefully a good Vet).

For now though, I need to sit and watch mindless things.

Tomorrow will be better.




  1. Sorry you had a bad day! I am in the process of moving out of the country to South Korea with my husband. We have about 3 weeks left and lots to do! I got notice today that they need our title for the car to ship it..and to get a copy that takes 3-4 weeks. So I know how you feel about things not going right! Have a good weekend!

  2. Oh my gosh! I don't know what I would do if that happened to us! I hope you are able to get everything you need before you leave.