What have I been doing?

6/21/2010 05:48:00 PM Ashley 10 Comments

Want to know? It's super exciting...if you love shoes that is.


Yep that's a stack of shoes...about 50 to be exact.

I'm taking inventory of all of my shoes for the move. What's frightening amazing is that this is probably only 1/4 of my collection.


It's bad.

But damn do I love me some shoes!

Maybe I'll put them all up on-line for you all to browse through. Who knows. Right now I'm tired of shoes (don't tell anyone I said that).


  1. Holy moly! I used to have awesome shoes, but then I also had a job where I dressed up every day and WORE them. I donated nearly all of them to the Salvation Army when we moved because it was making me sad that I had so many great shoes that never got worn.

    Of course, now that I have no shoes this is my chance to buy great shoes whenever I see them. Because I have none. =)

  2. wow! you have quite the collection. Shoes are something I JUST got into this year....i'm sure my collection will grow too! I tend to stick with more classic ones...but i've been feeling more fun lately and trying new styles :)

  3. Wow...that's helluva lot of shoes! *envious*

  4. Ooh... I see some size 8's in there! ;)

    That is a lot of shoes, amazed you still have all the boxes too! My shoeboxes usually get filled with a sleeping cat immediately after the shoes are removed...

  5. You keep the boxes!

    Every time someone finds out I keep my shoe boxes, they look at me like I'm growing a twin out of my neck.

    Also, this site might help you keep a better inventory:

  6. Honestly...I'd be so sad to get rid of my shoes. I don't know how you did it! I have a few that I can't wear because of weight gain and such, but I refuse to get rid of them. I have issues.

  7. Funny thing, I use to live in Docs and Berks. That's it. I had a chunky dress shoe or two for dressy looks, but for the most part they stayed in the back of the closet. Then my mom bought me my first pair of real heels. They were amazingly comfortable brown sandals. I was hooked. It's been all down hill since then.
    I hope you find some new fun styles to add to your collection. It's always great when you find the perfect shoe to add!

  8. Hahaha yeah...not going to lie I'm always looking for people who wear my size so I can bestow them with the gift of shoes!
    Luckily I don't have cats, so I am able to save boxes.

  9. I do! If they come with boxes and they are in good shape then they stay in there, plus they usually have a picture of the shoe on the front. If they don't have a box they go into a plastic shoe box. It keeps them so much cleaner and I can stack them.
    So no odd looks from me, I think you're smart!
    Also, thanks for the link. I'm looking at it right now.