Organizing: Card organization

1/29/2010 11:24:00 AM Ashley 0 Comments

Back to home stuff. I know...I know, I keep coming back to all things home. It's just that time of year for me. I always go cleaning crazy around this time of year. It seems as though while I am cleaning, I am also going on a crazed organizational redo of a lot of things in the house. Yesterday's redo was my storage for all of the cards I keep.

Side note: I keep tons of cards (birthday, thank you, blank etc...) around for those "just in case" moments. I like being able to have what I need right there. It's something that my mother did and I always thought it was such a brilliant idea. If I find a great card I buy it, knowing that I can put it away for the perfect moment and/or perfect person. I am not safe in places like Papyrus or cute card stores that carry unique finds.

Anywho...back to my updated storage.

Old card storage
I've had this poor file folder for probably going on 6 years. It's seen better days and can no longer hold the amount of cards I need it to.

Stretched out band
I also discovered that the band that holds the folder shut has snapped into a bunch of pieces.

Overflow of cards
Some of the many cards that I keep. As you can see, I needed a better storage place for the thicker cards.

Outside of box
My new file folder box! A great find from Target (it also comes in green, pink, orange and black), though of course I can't find it on their site for the life of me. Also, if I had been smart, I would have taken a picture to show the great handle cut outs on the side. I went with the blue because it will match the blue in our office.

Pattern close upUp close of the pattern on the box. You don't notice it unless you are really looking at it.

New card storage
The inside with all of the labels. I have two file folders in use for the cards I keep stock in the most (birthday, thank you and blank). The rest just get one folder (engagement/wedding, love, get well soon/sympathy and holidays).

Card lables
A close up of the tabs (sorry for the blurriness of the other photo).

Favorte cards
This is one of my all time favorite cards to give. This small "Bloom" unfolds into a pretty flower with the chosen sentiment written in the center of the flower.

Seeing as I just talked about how I love to have cards around, here are some of my favorite card makers that I stock up on.

~Papyrus: A go to, they have everything you could possibly want for whatever you need.
~Bloom by Artecnica: Wonderful little flowers that you fold open to reveal a message and flower. They also have a sticky back so you can hang it somewhere.
~Squibnocket: These cards are hard to find, but if you find them, snatch them up. They are funny and just overall wonderful cards to give.
~Offensive+Delightful: The name gives it all away. If you like dirty humor then this is your card company.
~Quotable Cards: You may have seen these around as they also make magnets as well as many other things. I love some of the beautiful quotes, because sometimes other people can and have said it better than I ever could.
~Cielo Blu: Another amazing card company. They are hand screen printed on shimmer paper. I love them so much that they made our wedding invitations. Now, for some reason they have disappeared (their website no longer works). This saddens me to no end, I hope they come back.

Do you keep cards in your house? What are some of your favorite card companies/places to get cards?