Fashion: Should I keep them?

1/07/2010 11:28:00 AM Ashley 6 Comments

I know if you're iffy about something you should just return whatever it is, but these shoes, well they're an odd situation. I found these Sigerson Morrison shoes at TJ Maxx. I instantly went to them because they are red. I loved them for their styling and comfort. I didn't get them on that shopping trip. Then I thought about them constantly, so I went back and got them. Now I look at them and I love them, but should I?


I've thought about this too much and I am quite honestly stumped on them. What do you think? Should they stay or should they go?


  1. They actually look really good on your feet. You probably won't be able to find a deal like that again. I say keep them! Especially if you couldn't stop thinking about them in the first place. Good find!!

  2. Keep them - if you get rid of them, a situation will come up where you need them.

  3. Those are keepers from me.

  4. I love the shoes, but when I see the last pic of the shoe on your foot it looks like the shoe might be causing some irritation -- is that true? If so, return them because you will wear them once, get a blister, and never wear then again.

  5. I do believe they are keepers! Thanks everyone!

    Deconstruction: The red line is from my slippers and me sitting cross legged in them. The shoes are actually comfortable, which is always nice right out of the gate!