Life: Starting off with a bang!

1/02/2010 05:19:00 PM Ashley 2 Comments

2010 is going to be quite an exciting year for my blogging!

I plan on doing a lot more product reviews, like for L'Orèal's new Go 360 Clean. I got the Deep Exfoliating Scrub, so keep an eye out for that review.

Don't you worry...Monday Shoes will keep going till I run out of shoes (which won't be happening any time soon)! Here's a sneak peak at some of the shoes to come...


And of course I couldn't forget about the giveaways! There will be one each month for all of 2010! Each one will have a theme and will be full of all of the things I love and use!

Thank you to everyone who has been reading and following thus far! I look forward to sharing much more with you in the coming months!


  1. Hi I found your blog while looking for Eddie Ross wreaths and saw you comment about not being allowed in his contest and I had to come check out your wreath...those are AMAZING and full and luscious! They blow the ER version out of the water. Have you had any trouble with them falling off after you hot glued them? Just curious because that looks like a lot of weight on the form. Also you might pop over to my world...I saw your love for flower necklaces...I have a couple you might like...

  2. Thank you so much! I was super bummed about not being allowed to participate because I didn't use a hanger. I used the wire form because I felt that it would hold up to the weight better than a hanger. If you're able to bend the hanger to get the round shape, then it's going to slowly bend into a not-so-round shape with the weight of the ornaments. Working with only the plastic ornaments has helped a lot, the wreaths aren't that heavy and none of the ornaments have fallen off. It might become an issues if they have to deal with a lot of temperature change, but hopefully all of my crazy gluing will have paid off.

    I have actually been over to your blog and I love it. I love that you are taking the Anthro necklaces and making them your own! You've done a wonderful job and I look forward to seeing all of the other ideas you come up with!