Fashion: Weekend haul and TRIA news!

1/11/2010 01:31:00 PM Ashley 2 Comments

This weekend went by way too fast! Can I have a do over? I accomplished a lot of nothing. Oops.

I hit up our Urban Outfitters, which I hardly ever do because the sales people are extra "too cool for school" and I don't have any desire to put up with that. I did my quick pop in, with no one saying a word to me, but watching me and everything I touched. Judging me. That's fine, because I found two great tops with shimmer. Yep here I go again with the shimmer.

I originally picked this up in a solid black, but found that it also came in patterns. I decided on this pattern, because really I am not a fan of a floral. Plus I thought this would be really great with a bright colored skirt.

I like that the bold colors are little muted, like the shirt has been washed a few times.

Of course the back was a big seller. The lace has a silver thread running through it, giving the shapes a pretty definition.

I'm a sucker for yellow. I know it's a hard color for a lot of people to wear, but for once my pale pasty skin has paid off. I also love that I can wear this with a skirt or a blazer.

I like the bib shape of the beading detail as well as the organza inset. I'm all about textures.

I also hit up TJ Maxx just to look around. Sadly nothing that exciting.

These will be for sleeping only...or if I need to do cleaning around the house. These will not see the light of the outside world. Short shorts are something I think people should keep to themselves.

Now for the exciting thing I got in the mail...

My Ann Taylor dress came in the mail today! I was so happy that I got to use the 40% off on it. So worth it! I swear it has better shape then it does here. I literally just pulled it out of the bag it was shipped in. The yellow is a great lemon yellow and the other color is a taupe or mushroom.

The belt stretches and the material is like a flowy satin, with less shine.

Love the zipper in the back. As you all know I am a sucker for an amazing focal piece on clothing.

Okay so this next dress is not a recent buy. In fact it was a birthday gift from Nate from September. It may or may not have gotten put in our office, which is quickly becoming our moving room collect all (I'll save that for a different post). I love this dress, so I thought I would share it with you.

Lets try to ignore how awful the color looks here. It refused to capture the true violet color of the dress. It's a Calvin Klein dress. Can I just tell you how much I adore his dresses. They fit me amazingly. Drool.

The sweet little button detail at the top. They give it such a vintage feel. Yummy!

Okay so if you've made it this far, congrats! Now for the exciting TRIA news! The FDA just gave permission for TRIA [PDF file] to say that the hair removal is permanent! How exciting and cool is that?! It makes me so excited to get back to using it!


  1. I love the dresses! That Calvin Klein one is adorable.

  2. Probably a strange request, but can you post a picture of the Calvin Klein dress with you wearing it? Or link me to it on their site? I'm curious to see how the girls fit/look/sit in it. I need a go to downtown dinner dress and I'm really liking this one.