Organizing: For Emmett

1/16/2010 04:28:00 PM Ashley 2 Comments


This dog of ours is very very spoiled. Between the Lovesac (that he has turned into his own over sized dog bed) to the copious amount of toys, he never has to worry about anything. Recently I've been noticing that his stuff has overflowed to a cabinet in the kitchen, a cabinet in the laundry room and a box out in the garage. I decided today that I would work on getting his stuff organized and to hopefully be able to use the cabinet in the laundry room for laundry related things.

A lot of this is from the laundry room and the box we keep outside. This is the pile that started forming as I was cleaning out both of those things.

This is the cabinet that is in our kitchen. We mostly kept his treats, wet dog food, pills and paperwork in there. Though slowly we started adding his back-up stuffed animal and ball collection in there and as you can see it exploded everywhere.

The box. Empty, clean and ready to go. I decided to use it for all of his extra toys, because we don't readily need them and they can be kept in the garage next to his food bin.

All of his toys packed up and ready to be played with. We do go a little overboard with the toys, but he rips through stuffed toys like nothing. So with-in a day we have stuffing everywhere while he plays with the empty shell. The remote control car is a fun indoor, bad weather toy. He loves chasing it around the house. The long stick in the front of the box is a bubble wand. He could chase bubbles and pop them for hours.

The laundry room cabinet is all clean with actual places to put my laundry stuff. I'm still using a small shelf for his shirts, brush and leashes. It's really the best place for them, so I don't mind half a shelf.

Here's the kitchen cabinet all organized. I decided to keep his treats, wet dog food, pills, paperwork and tooth brush in there. It keeps the treats in a spot where we will actually remember to use them. Plus we don't have to worry about things getting buried under all of those toys.

Well, there was an hour long of organizing and I must say I am very happy with it. What can you get done in an hour? Is there something that you need to organize, but just haven't gotten to? Let me know in the comments!


  1. You did a great job! And, I agree with Angela above, Emmett is stinkin' cute.