Decor and Fashion: Weeked haul and other things

1/31/2010 08:39:00 PM Ashley 3 Comments

Productive weekends are always nice. After a shopping trip on Saturday, we came home with more stuff from Target. Damn that place and their awesome deals and goods. I was able to get the last few things I wanted for our bathroom!

Finally a place for our hand towel! Can I just say how much I love Umbra? They have some of the best designs around. Not only does this hold a towel, but it has the bowl at the bottom to hold jewelry.

I also got all of the things I needed, at Michaels, to put together the brush holder that I saw over at Life with Lulu.

I went with 2 thinner vases, because it will fit better on the ledge once I move my perfume (I'll get to that in a second).

Michaels had a lot of different vase fillers, but I went with the smaller clear beads. One bag was enough to perfectly fill one vase.

One vase holds all of my eye brushes and the other holds all of my face brushes.

Here's the great mirrored tray I found at Target. I'm going to use it for displaying my perfumes on the dresser in the bedroom. Once I have it set up I will snap a picture of two and post it.

{item linked in photo}

While I am on a clothing purchasing hiatus, I may have snuck in an accessory purchase. Say hello to my beautiful new purse from Radley (by way of TJ Maxx). I had never heard of this company, but after some research on the brand, I'm very very excited to have found this purse.

Funny thing...for as many purses as I have, I have never owned a black purse that isn't a clutch of some kind.

The leather is butter soft. As in I may have been petting it as I carried around TJ Maxx and after I put it into use. The black is one of those blacks that change colors depending on the lighting. While in the store I would have sworn that it was a dusty teal color, yeah not so much.

This cute little puppy is the companies "mascot". He dangles from all of their items and can sometimes even be found as part of the purse.

Polka-dots *swoon*. I may have bought the purse just for this fabric. Hello way too cute purse that I love a lot. It might be hard to see, but some of the accent leather is a dark gray. Swoon all over again!

Other than the shopping and organizing I did try to paint my nails. I was apparently having a 5 year old day and slopped nail polish all over my fingers. Major nail fail. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow.

What were your weekend hauls?


  1. I like everything you bought! My vase fillers look a little different and I like yours a lot better! I might have to make a stop at michaels soon!

  2. Thanks Lulu! I found the filler in the aisle with all of their vase fillers (the aisle next to all of their glass vases and such).

  3. I love the brush vase also....thinking I should make one tomorrow...also the purse is super cute! :)