Review: Shower head (follow up)

1/03/2010 11:39:00 AM Ashley 1 Comments

A few months back Nate installed a new shower head in our master bathroom (you can find that blog post here). I was really excited for the Flipside Handshower from Kohler. The idea of it was awesome. Four different shower sprays and all you have to do is flip it to change it.

Really, I was super excited for this thing. I really wanted to like it. Really, I did. I was giddy when we put it up and got to use it. Yet after two and a half months of using it, I want to rip it down (as does Nate). First, the water pressure from this head is just odd, even though we have no issues with our water pressure or our other shower heads. You can hear how weak it sounds. Yet if you take it down and hold onto the handle part, the water flow becomes stronger. Odd. Second, the water temperature changes too quickly. As in the water coming out from the head is super warm and yet as you move away from the head it gets cooler and cooler. Not so fun when you like hot showers. Third, and this it the biggest issue for us, it drips. Good god does it drip and not just right after showers. I'm talking about hours and hours after using it. I've been woken up by the constant stream of drips. It doesn't matter which side it's flipped to. We actually have to let it dangle to keep it from dripping.*

Sadly, we're going to have to change it back to our old shower head, for both our sanity and better water flow. It really is too bad that something from Kohler sucks so much, because they tend to be known for their quality.

*So my lovely husband just read this and told me that he lets the shower head dangle so that the dripping water has a shorter distance to fall. Which means that it still drips, all the time.

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