Daisy, daisy how does your garden grow?

3/11/2010 09:00:00 AM Ashley 3 Comments

As most have probably guessed, I have a thing for daisies. I did use them in my blog name after all. I was always smitten with Gerbera daisies, because of the amazing range of colors they came in. My mom on the other hand loved your everyday white daisy (Shasta daisy if you like). As I grew up, I started to love the simple look of the Shasta daisy as well. It's so simple and pure.

Now of course daisies remind me of my mom. As I already said in this post March is a special month to me and I am using it to remember the woman who means so much to me.

This is all about daisies and all of the amazing lovelies that you can find on Etsy. Here you'll find some of my favorite things that have this beautiful flower in use, be it jewelry, accessories, home items, vintage...etc. Enjoy my finds!


  1. I'm in love with that daisy apron! I'm seriously considering adding it to my collection.

  2. Cassie: I love that apron too! It's in one of my favorite color combos (yellow and gray)! Also, I am drooling over the wallpaper in the background of the picture! If you get it let me know how it is.

  3. Such cute daisy items!