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3/31/2010 11:51:00 AM Ashley 7 Comments

Yesterday I cleaned up my craft spot (I've been organizing so stuff was everywhere) and I got to work on a few new projects.

I had a special request, from my Etsy shop, to make a necklace for a bride's upcoming wedding. I always love getting special orders, because personalizing something is just...awesome.

After some work the final piece was done...



The flower is actually removable and can be worn as a pin.

Back of the flower.

I'm really happy with how it turned out, but what's more important is that the customer loves it!

I had originally made it with people who had metal allergies in mind. My original design has the flower permanently attached and the only metal on the necklace is the metal crimps which are 95% covered by the silk ribbon. I blogged about that necklace and another here, if you're interested.

In other, very happy news...there is a good chance that I am going to try to marry Adequan (Nate's okay with this). After just one injection we saw a very noticeable change in Emmett yesterday. As in he wanted to play with his toys, he was putting weight on his back right leg, he was pouncing...he was somewhat his old self again(minus a few things). Now, by no means are we letting him go crazy, but it's nice to see him wanting to do these things again. I look forward, very eagerly, to the next rounds of shots and seeing what they do for him.

I definitely have some more crafts that I will be working on today, so stay tuned because I am very excited about them and how they turn out!


  1. Wow. That necklace is just gorgeous. How pretty! I am so happy the bride loved it! How could she not? Fantastically pretty!

  2. the necklace is really sweet...what a lovely piece for an obviously hip bride!
    popping in from sits!

  3. beautiful necklace! i love the trails of ribbon on the back. stopping from sits too, have a great day!

  4. What a beautiful and unique piece. You're going to have one very happy bride. I like people who step out of the box. I appreciate creativity so much more than tradition.

  5. That necklace is gorgeous! I love it. You do wonderful work.

  6. Love the necklace with the flower...very different yet chic.

  7. Stopping in from SITS!
    Those necklaces are beautiful! and I'm glad Emmette is feeling better!